Hayne Plane Flys On

What is becoming a bit like the hokey pokey, Jarryd Hayne is officially back with NFL since San Francisco 49ers.

The ex-Parramatta superstar confirmed on twitter the 49ers came crawling have signed him to its practice squad.

Hayne had not lost hope with talk at least 3 NFL teams – Seahawks, Cowboys and Lions, would consider signing him. Hayne remained positive throughout tweeting this piece of scripture about his experience.

Hayne will be hoping to reclaim a spot in the 49ers 53-man squad with injuries to current Running Backs – Reggie Bush and Mike Davis, occurring during this weeks game.

Promoted RB Kendall Gaskins had an underwhelming performance in the absence of the team stars and is not guaranteed the opening RB spot this weekend.

Hayne had shown glimpses during the preseason, but with limited time and 3 fumbles so far this year, had not gained the confidence of the 49ers Coaching staff. After axing Hayne after his 6th game, 49ers Coach Jim Tomsula said. “Jarryd has done everything we asked him to do… We only have 53 spots and I made that decision.”

The Hayne Plane continues, and Australia rejoices.


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