Tim Dormer: How He Manipulated The Big Brother House.

Big Brother Australia 2013 winner Tim Dormer has let fly at the producers of the Australian producers of Big Brother.

Currently competing on season 4 of Big Brother Canada, Tim has opened up about the secrets of his return to the BBAUS house in 2014.

“People didn’t watch it and they called up and said, Get on a plane. Can you come in?’ The ads all said ‘Tim’s Back!'” 

Tim talked about how he made contestant David Hodis shave his beard in a ploy directed by producers of the show

“They said, ‘It’s the beard. If you can get him to shave the beard!’ 

I felt awful.” 

“We were in the Presidential Suite together. They said ‘You have to pick him to go in.’ That was kind of like, the producers having their control. I had to pretend to pick whoever I wanted.”

Tim also described how he was asked to shake up relationships within the house.

However his time back on BBAus came to a crashing halt when producers found a leaked email he had sent, criticising the current season of the show.

“…I was in my dressing room and there was a knock at the door with a print out of the email. They said ‘did you write this? This is really serious.’

I said, ‘I’m not going to lie. I did. The show’s shit.’ He then went and got the network person who looks after the show….. she said ‘You’ve totally f***ed your career.’ She just said ‘We will never work with you again… Don’t bite the hand that feeds…” 

Tim is currently competing as a house guest on Big Brother Canada.

Source: Scoopla

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