Australian Survivor First Players Revealed.

It’s finally time! Australian Survivor has announced the first 8 Survivors who will be competing on the upcoming season of Australian Survivor, currently being filmed in Samoa. Here are the names of the first few players this season.

Find full length player bios from LUKE DENNEHY from the HERALD SUN online – LINK

Podcast preview of the first 8 players and advert reaction.

Aimee Stanton, 23 Plumber, VIC

Picture: Nigel Wright.

Sarah Tilleke, 22, Model, Perth.

Picture: Nigel Wright.

Jarrad Seng – Photographer, 29, WA

Jarred Sang
Picture: Nigel Wright.

Joan Caballero, Escape Room Owner, 29, NSW

Joan Caballero
Picture: Nigel Wright.

Mark “Tarzan” Herlaar, Lime Farmer, 51, QLD

Picture: Nigel Wright.

Mark Wales, Former Special Ops Commander, 37, WA

Mark Whales
Picture: Nigel Wright.

Lochlan “Locky” Gilbert, Adventure Guide, 26

Picture: Nigel Wright.

Peter Conte, Digital Advertising Producer, 22, NSW

Peter Conte
Picture: Nigel Wright.

What we know so far!

TRIBES – Our Super-Duper-Fan sleuthing through the first two adverts suggests this season looks like it will begin with 2-tribes of 12, changing from last seasons 3-tribes of 8. The two colours seen so far are Green and Magenta. This suggestion should remove speculation the season will be themed and that Australian Survivor are looking to consolidate on last season.


Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 4.07.53 PM

Marooning – This image released via the official SurvivorAU twitter of Jonathan LaPaglia is highly likely from the first episode. Guns poised and fully loaded for the upcoming season! During the off-season in our “Tweaks Baby Tweaks” podcast we called for a marooning and it looks like our Survivor prayers have been answered. Jonathan looks to be standing on a Barge/Boat with essential items such as Taro Root and possibly Papayas in the background.

Photo: Channel TEN Twitter

Weather – Initial weather reports suggested a rough start for the new Australian Survivor contestants with heavy rain forecast over the first week.


Advert 3

Advert 2




Screen Shot 2017-06-10 at 7.20.21 PM.png
Photo: Channel TEN Facebook

Advert 1

Speculation and Rumour.

Names not included on this list, but have been speculated via include:

Jacqui Patterson- Byron Bay marriage celebrant

Nicola Zagame – Former Olympic Water Polo player, NSW

Nicola ZaGame.jpeg
Twitter – At the Olympic Games.

Adam Parkin – Professional Poker player, Queensland

The remaining 16 contestants are expected to be announced at the start of July.

One thought on “Australian Survivor First Players Revealed.”

  1. Hey Survivor fans. I’m a newbie…who btw…will probably never admit to being a fan.
    I was wondering, was/is the current episode of Survivor Australia being filmed and released during approximately the same time slot? Or am I a complete twit and this was filmed ages ago and only released now. I mean obviously it makes the editing a whole lot easier.
    I am watching Ep. 8 on t.v right now. AK just said the game goes for 55 days. Gees you’d think it was a lifetime the way everyone carries on. Yes, this is the first time I have decided to watch Survivor from start to finish. I accidentally saw first eps. and can’t seem to stop watching. Sadly and pathetically I am thoroughly enjoying it. It is time to vote right now…ooh..Ep.8 season 2. I have watched eps. of this show before, US and Aus. and I have to say, usually everyone DOES KNOW who is going to be voted off, even the home viewers seem to have a clue….but this series seems to be completely unpredictable every vote. Is it the editing? Am I just not familiar enough with the show and it is always like this? Or are these players just a whole new skill level? Would you call it skill?/sly?/Ruthless?/Disloyal? I realise the aim of the game but since the start it has been very full on…or again, is it always like this. Is there a Survivor computer game?
    I am also wondering, the original question I had before I got sidetracked….can someone please let me know, are these Season 2 episodes pre-recorded? Are these ppl sitting on the beach right now or are they watching the eps. with me? Thankyou!!


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