2017 Australian Survivor Challenge Awards

Challenge Awards

Puzzle Master of the Season

Anneliese Wilson – 54.84%

anneliese wilson

This was not even close. Anneliese proved while she was out on the island she was the Puzzle Queen of the show. Anneliese dominated multiple puzzles and was the designated go to puzzle person on all her tribes. Congratulations on your victory Anneliese! It looks like the Puzzle Kings of Season 1 have met their Queen.

Nick Iadanza and Matt Tarrant.png

Who was the best Puzzle King of Season 1? Post below.

Best Individual Immunity Win of the Season

Michelle Dougan – 26.2%

Domino Effect – Survivors must line up a series of blocks along a wobbly balance beam. The first player to knock down their blocks in succession wins.

Photo: Michelle Dougan with her Holden Trailblazer (TENPLAY)

Michelle is a great winner of this award. Not only did she manage to win an amazing Holden Trailblazer, she also picks up her first JONNIE Award.  Jericho is a close second for his amazing final immunity win. Ziggy and Locky had their votes split as they were multiple individual immunity winners.

  • 2nd Jericho 21.2% – Hand on Idol
  • 3rd Tessa 14% – Bow Diddly
  • 4th Ziggy 9.6% – Planks a Lot
  • 5th Locky – 8.8% – Log Jam
  • 6th Peter 7.3% – Four the Win
  • 7th Locky 6.8% – Mindfield
  • 8th Henry 4.9% – Hooked Up
  • 9th Locky 2.7% – Centrifuge
  • 10th Ziggy 2.5% – Over Extended

Watch the challenges and see where we ranked them – CHALLENGES RANKED

Challenge BEAST of the season – Awarded to the best challenge competitor.

Ziggy Zagame – Average Ranking 22.35/24

Ziggy immunity

This year the patrons of our podcast voted on the best challenge competitor of the season, ranking all 24 players from best to worse. The maximum points that could be awarded was 24 for the person selected as the best challenge competitor, 23 points for 2nd and so on.

Congratulations to Ziggy who won this tightly contested award as the best challenge competitor of the season. The former Olympian showed throughout that she was competitive in almost every challenge.

#2nd Locky Gilbert Average Ranking 21.45/24


#3rd Henry Nicholson Average Ranking 21.17/24


#4th Mark Wales Average Ranking 18.17/24


#5th Jericho Malabonga Average Ranking 17.91/24


#6th Tessa O’Halloran Average Ranking 17.53/24


#7th Luke Toki Average Ranking 16.43/24


#8th AK Knight Average Ranking 15.79/24


#9th Odette Blacklock Average Ranking 14.72/24


#10th Sam Gash Average Ranking 13.47/24


Do you agree or disagree with todays winners? Comment below or join our Facebook group www.facebook.com/groups/survivorau

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Best Challenges

One thought on “2017 Australian Survivor Challenge Awards”

  1. I don’t think Nick or Matt ever lost a puzzle (Matt won 5, Nick 3) were as Annaliese only won 3 and lost 2 lol. So I would say Matt and Nick are King and Queen, Annaliese is the Princess for now


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