El Rowland and Lee Carseldine Catch Up

El Rowland and Lee Carseldine Catch Up

Ryan catches up with Australian Survivor 2016 power couple Lee and El to talk about what they have been up to this past year and we look back at Australian Survivor.


00:00 – Podcast Introduction

4:00 – What’s going on in Lee and El’s life.

15:20 – Australian Survivor (Champions v Contenders)

17:40 – Aussie Ghost Island

19:10 – Online trolling and fan recognition – Blog

23:40 – The social game.

33:40 – Sam and Mark comparison

37:10 – Travelee Adventure

Find out more about joining Lee, El and Tarzan on a Travelee “SOAR Perspective Trek” 26th Sept- 6th Oct 2018 – Here

“Sometimes a change of perspective is all it takes to see the light” – Dan Brown.

Travelee “SOAR Perspective Trek” is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get outside your comfort zone, change the way you look at things, and see life from a different perspective. Soar is an adventure of the body, mind and spirit where you will get to experience the real Vanuatu with an inspiring, dedicated and specialised team of three.

This trek is designed to get you off the beaten track and away from mundane life as we know it. You will experience primitive untouched villages and ancient cultures while hiking across the island of Malekula. We will visit the beautiful Maskelyne Islands by canoe, view the dugongs and live off the land in our special Survival Phase. During this phase, we will be learning survival techniques by our ex-SAS survival guide, Olly, and will learn the basics of constructing your own shelters, building a fire, and how to hunt and catch your own food with Survivor castaways El and Lee.

The icing on the cake is the magnificent Ambrym Island, where we will hike to the Marum volcano and come face to face with the bubbling lava lake. It is in this spiritual place were we will leave our past behind and step into our new found perspective filled lives.

Fine out more at travelee.com.au



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