Bachelor In Paradise Episode 4 Recap | Tuesday April 16

Matches, Make-outs And A Mass Male Exodus.

Paradise is heating up, emotions are running high, and hurricane Paddy Colliar is continuing to swirl.

Bubbly Brittney Weldon hadn’t felt a spark with anyone yet but was hopeful that her Mr. Perfect would soon cha-cha through the gates of Paradise.

Aware that Brittney’s rose was no longer a sure thing, Nathan Favro commenced a mission to stay in Paradise. Seeking clarity, Nathan went to see Brooke Blurton in her bure.

To no one’s surprise, Jules took the opportunity to spend a little one-on-one time with Alisha Aitken-Radburn.

It’s pretty hot in Paradise, but Jules and Alisha’s date took it up a few notches with a night full of belly laughs while they fed each other a selection of aphrodisiacs. ‘twas totes romantic.

After the sun set, Brittney took matters into her own hands and invited Ivan on a beach side date. It ended in a lot of smooching and canoodling but sadly, there was no dancing.

A new day saw Brittney and Ivan feeling the love and ‘Jimmy’ James Trethewie feeling a lack of bro-code, after Alex Nation and Bill Goldsmith spent the night together.

Keen to explore their undeniable chemistry, Alex choose Brooke for a date and the pair headed off on one of the most anticipated dates in Bachelor history.

Tasked with mastering the Pina Colada, Alex and Brooke could finally give their relationship a crack. What they lacked in cracking coconut skills, they redeemed in smooching skills.

As the cocktails flowed, Paddy and Davey went into what can only be described as “single and ready to mingle” mode. While Paddy worked the room, Davey pulled a “I think you’re wife material” move on Shannon Baff, which made her head spin.

In a gentlemanly fashion, James pulled Alex Nation to the side and calmly delivered the news that he was going to leave Paradise.

The million-dollar question at the rose ceremony was who Alex Nation and Brooke would choose.

When Alex Nation called Bill’s name, there was a sigh of relief from the boys. Handling it like a pro, Brooke said that if Alex wants to come back to her, then it was meant to be. Que será, será, Brooke!

In the end it was Paddy and Davey’s time to say so long, farewell and auf wiedersehen to Paradise.

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