Bachelor In Paradise Episode 8 Recap | Wednesday April 24 “Layoffs, Lap Dances And Fresh Lads.”

Tonight’s episode of Bachelor In Paradise was so intense that we have officially fallen off the couch. We have all become excessive nail-biters and Ivan Krslovic has officially taken his stage five clinging to the next level. THE NEXT LEVEL.

After Jules Bourne expressed his interest in getting to know Tenille Favios, Ivan took the time to dance out his frustration and Jules asked Alisha Aitken-Radburn for a “chat”, which translated to Jules breaking up with her.

We all know the best way to get over a guy is to get under another. So, with the arrival of two new bachelors Wes Ford and Mack Reid (both from Sophie Monk’s season of The Bachelorette Australia), Alisha was quick to strike up a conversation with Wes.

A new date card for Nathan Favro saw his chance to finally take Tenille away, however Ivan made it very clear taking Tenille wouldn’t be a good idea. In last-minute panic mode, Nathan chose Shannon Baff, much to her and everyone’s surprise.

When Jules asked for some time with Tenille, Ivan saw red. His possessive and territorial nature was starting to veer its’ not-so-attractive head.

Jules started confessing his undying love to Tenille and while she was flattered, she wasn’t interested in pursuing anything with him romantically.

On their return, Ivan decided to step things up a notch (or 1000) by giving Tenille a lap dance. Ginuwine called…and he wants his moves back. 

The arrival of Osher saw a surprise announcement that the rose ceremony would be tonight. With the women holding the power, the bachelors without a connection needed to put in some groundwork.

Alisha was determined not to give her rose to Jules. Realising that this may be his last night in Paradise, Jules was feeling somber but made a last-ditch attempt with Alisha.

Alisha tried to be strong, she wanted to give herself the chance to find the love she is looking for and expressed that to Jules.

As the rose ceremony started, Jules asked Osher if he could have one moment with Alisha.

He took her aside and said that regardless of what he had done over the last few days, there was still something between them and he wanted them to use Paradise to explore that further.

Having to battle between her head and her heart, Alisha had a lot to think about.

With the last rose to be handed out, Alisha was struggling.

In the end, she chose to follow her heart giving her rose to Jules and sending Wes on his way back home.

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