The King Of The Jungle Is Back, Baby.

The King Of The Jungle Is Back, Baby.
Fan Favourite Luke Toki Returns To Australian Survivor: Champions V Contenders. 

Lauded by superfans as the greatest player in Australian Survivor history, WA’s Luke Toki is heading back to the jungle and he’s coming to claim his crown.

Having made a massive splash in season two, Luke is a lovable prankster, infamous for spying, lying and wearing the clothes of his departed victims around camp.

Joining the Champions tribe as the People’s Champion, Luke will be taking no prisoners as he promises to pick up his antics where he left off.

Returning to the game a little older and wiser, this tough talking mining technician hides a huge heart beneath his hard exterior and is playing this game so his young family can have a bright future.

On returning to the game of Survivor, Luke said: “I’m gonna play hard and take the piss out of people. I really believe I have the tools to win. I am willing to die out here to win, haha.”

Premiering on Wednesday, 24 July at 7.30pm, the fourth season of Australian Survivor: Champions V Contenders is hosted by Jonathan LaPaglia and is made for Network 10 by Endemol Shine Australia.

What do you think about Luke Toki potentially returning to play Australian Survivor?

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