Episode 9 Recap – Thirteen castaways make it to merge in Survivor SA: Island of Secrets

And “dangerous” Meryl becomes Manumalo’s first member of the jury

After more than twenty days of twists and turns, blatant lies, numerous alliances, sneaky moves and shocking Tribal Councils, host Nico Panagio surprised the remaining thirteen castaways in M-Net Survivor SA: Island of Secrets with brand new buffs! Never before have there been so many South African Survivors in a merged tribe, but it was indeed time to start their much-awaited individual game in Tribe Manumalo.

As to be expected, the scramble for power started straightaway. Nicole and Geoff, who destroyed Rob’s bromance with Nathan, and moody Danté were the obvious choices to be ousted first after merge. But after some smart strategic moves from various players, 31-year-old Pilates instructor Meryl became the 9th person to be voted offSurvivor SA: Island of Secrets and this season’s first jury member.

It was a close shave for Geoff, however. Meryl only received one more vote than last week’s scheming puppet master.

When Nico read the votes, it was clear that Rob, who pretended to be a “follower” at Tribal Council and Danté drew their lines in the sand.  Initially, Rob’s plan was to take out Geoff,  but then he realised that Meryl was campaigning 24/7. If he gave Meryl too much rope, she would hang all of them, he believed.

For Danté it was plain and simple. He had to finish his unfinished business with Geoff.

Until her name was read, Meryl still thought Nicole was the person ruling her “gaggle of followers” and those not gunning for Geoff. She wasn’t sure who the others would be voting for, but didn’t think she was the “dangerous” individual people were referring to at Tribal Council.

How the episode played out:

Welcome to Merge Manumalo!

At the Togitogiga Waterfalls – one of Samoa’s many breathtaking natural features, the castaways were invited to a spectacular Merge feast provided by Steers, featuring King Steer burgers, their famous hand-cut chips, flame-grilled chicken and ribs and to wash it all down: ridiculously thick ice-cold milkshakes. Jacques couldn’t believe it, and Mmaba was close to tears. In addition to that, each castaway received a care package with some supplies back at their new camp.

The First Individual Immunity Challenge:

The Individual Immunity challenge tested the castaways’ balance and endurance as they sought to keep their footing on narrow balance beams, whilst holding on to a crossbar that is attached to a bucket. If their hands drop, the bucket falls and the water spills out, eliminating them from the challenge. One by one they fell, and after a fierce battle in two hours and thirty-five minutes, Geoff was down and out and Steffi won Immunity and chose herself to go to the Island of Secrets.

How Manumalo voted:

While Steffi decided to forfeit her vote by going to the Island of Secrets, Jacques still had an extra vote. The way the castaways voted this week, may just be indications of where the old alliances stand. Geoff, Mike, Rob, Mmaba, Nicole, Durāo and Seipei wrote Meryl’s name and the votes against Geoff came from Cobus, Danté, Meryl , Laetitia and Jacques.

Why fans will never forget Meryl:

Meryl will always be remembered for being the lady at Aquaman Danté’s side. They shared a special alliance that stayed true to the end. Her triumph in episode five was phenomenal. After winning the Reward Challenge, Meryl spotted a clue in the roof of the smoothie bar hut and retrieved it with the help of Danté, and later she secured Ta’alo’s win after solving the sliding puzzle for Immunity and retrieved the hidden Immunity Idol, which she nervously hid in her panty, then her bra and finally her shoe. Feeling the heat, she decided to tell the Tribe about the Idol but prematurely played it in episode 8.

Photo: SurvivorSA

Bachelor In Paradise Episode 13 Reunion Recap | Thursday May 2 “Commitment Rings And Roses. Let’s Hope Someone Proposes”

As the last petal falls in Paradise, every moment counts. Our couples have very little time left to decide whether they are ready to say ‘I do’ to their boo or get cold feet and run for the hills.

Alisha Aitken-Radburn’s goal for the evening was a mission impossible, and the struggle to get a straight answer from Jules Bourne was real. Jules couldn’t give Alisha what she deserves, and to add insult to injury, said he was ‘just trying to be friendly.’ They were ‘friends who kiss’. I’m sorry… what?

The only positive out of their chat was that Alisha finally had Jules’ answer. They finally had closure. Right?

Wrong. Jules was baffled. When he interrupted her interview to find out what had just happened, she kindly translated in ‘Jules terms’. Alisha was “electing not to emotionally pursue him.” Touché. 

In the next cabana, the two favs, Tenille Favios and Nathan Favro couldn’t have been more in love. Tenille’s Paradise ride had been full of unexpected turns, and Nathan was over the Fijian moon to be saying sayonara to Paradise with her.

After testing connections with most Tom, Dick and Harriet’s in Paradise, Alex Nation’s feels for Bill Goldsmith were 100% legit. Their relationship was tested time after time, and finally they were ready to let their barriers down at the commitment ceremony.

On the flipside, Florence Alexandra and Davey Lloyds’s evening went downhill faster than you can say ‘Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?’, with Davey and Flo sleeping separately. While Davey said he was all in and wanted to make their relationship exclusive, Flo’s gut was telling her otherwise.

Roses were upgraded to Rings and in the first commitment ceremony, Bill fumbled to get his words out. Tongue tied and tested, he had clearly practiced his speech in his bedroom mirror, but maybe not enough. His delivery wasn’t great, but he told Alex he loved her, and his words scored him an A++ in her books.

You could hear her heart racing as she reciprocated and gave him a ring to symbolise her commitment to him IRL and outside of Paradise.

Nathan and Tenille were up next. Nathan presented her with a ring to symbolise how dedicated and serious he was to create a future with her outside of Paradise. Feeling that this was just the beginning of their love story, Tenille, gave him a ring to symbolise it was a yes from her.

Flo had experienced a rollercoaster of emotions with Davey. He was the main reason she came back to Paradise and she loved spending time with Davey, however her main dilemma was trying to navigate whether they were better as lovers or friends. Could he be the Danny to her Sandy?

Right now, the only thing she was sure of was that she wanted him to be happy, and that something was not right. Davey took it like a champ and promised her that they will always be in each other’s lives, be friends, but this is just not their fairy tale.

However, every rose has its thorn and in an explosive Bachelor In Paradise tell all, Alex Nation, Alisha Aitken-Radburn, Brittany Weldon, Brooke Blurton, Davey Lloyd, Ivan Krslovic, Florence Alexandra, James ‘Jimmy’ Trethewie, Jules Bourne, Nathan Favro, Paddy Colliar, Rachael Gouvignon, Shannon Baff, Tenille Favios, Vanessa Sunshine and Zoe O’Brien sat down with Osher to spill the beans about who’s with who, and what actually happened after Paradise.

When palm trees and tropics were substituted for cars, concrete and dog parks, Alex and Bill’s relationship faltered. While Bill wasn’t able to attend and tell his side of the story, Alex was quick to confirm that she was single and ready to mingle.

Meanwhile Nathan’s intentions were questioned as he was accused of ‘playing the game’ and not having legitimate feelings for Tenille, Zoe or Rachael. He and Tenille were well and truly over.

Shannon claimed that she was ghosted by Connor Obrochta, and Ivan had an opportunity to reflect on his behaviour in Paradise and apologise in person to Tenille.

Davey and Flo finally had a chance to talk about their rocky ending after having little communication in the outside world.

After months of living under an ‘umbrella of ambiguity’ Alisha finally got the closure that she needed with Jules.

Bachelor sweethearts Brooke and Cass Wood have found love outside of the Bachie universe.

The rest is still unwritten.

Bachelor In Paradise Episode 12 Recap | Wednesday May 1 “Bro’s Before The Rose”

It’s crunch time in Paradise. And no, we are not referring to American Alex’s impressive abdominal exercise routine.

After four weeks frolicking together under the Fijian sun, it was make or break time for our final six islanders. Would our couples decide to take the next step into the commitment ceremony or bid farewell to Paradise for good?

After giving tonsil hockey a red-hot crack, Zoe O’Brien and Mack Reid decided there wasn’t enough spark for them to move to the next stage, and both parties exited the island separately.

Having moved at their own pace, American Alex and Caroline Lunny decided that they could grow their connection outside of Paradise and chose to leave the experience together.

The remaining four couples were given the opportunity to get advice from their nearest and dearest.

While Bill Goldsmith and Alex Nation felt confident in their partnership, Nathan Favro and Tenille Favios, Alisha-Aitken-Radburn and Jules Bourne and Davey Lloyd and Florence Alexandria felt less secure.

Davey told his father Robert that he found the whole process quite confronting, and he was most afraid to damage his friendship with Flo.

Flo brought her friend Steph over as she is a good judge of character. Flo explained that Davey had been quite negative and there had been a lack of intimacy. Steph was quick to ask Davey about it and he said that he hadn’t been sleeping.

When Flo and Davey debriefed, and he revealed he wanted to push forward into the commitment ceremony, Flo was pleasantly surprised by the turnaround.

Tenille had her friend Chantelle come to Fiji and she wanted her to investigate Nathan’s authenticity and whether outside of paradise he would be willing to be exclusive.

With the straight-shooter demeanour of Vanessa Sunshine, sassy Chantelle felt she could see through the charm of Nathan and wasn’t convinced he was entirely genuine about his feelings and his promise of being exclusive with Tenille after the show.  

Tenille brought this up later with Nathan and, while it was a tough pill for him to swallow, he promised her that he would be exclusive with her out of Paradise.

Alex had her Mum Jo head to Fiji and her immediate concern for her daughter was how a relationship formed on reality television would be different the second time around. 

Later, Jo asked the same question to Bill and he said his affections for Alex were the real deal. Jo asked if Bill had ever dated someone with a child before and he admitted that he had, however his brother Michael had a different answer for Alex.

Jo agreed with Alex that Bill is charming however her uncertainty put doubt in Alex’s mind.

Jules told his best friend Jimmy that he has something unique and beautiful with Alisha and that he is happy to either leave things in Paradise or see how things could eventuate on the outside.

Alisha’s best friend Hannah quizzed Jules on his use of the term “friendship” when speaking about his feelings for Alisha. Hannah was cynical, and Jules fumbled around when answering her questions.

Jimmy’s chat with Alisha was a lot more transparent and he encouraged her to grill Jules to get the answers she needed.

Later, Alisha offered Jules an ultimatum. Either he admits that he sees a romantic future outside of Paradise, or she walks out of the experiment for good. 

Darn it Bachie cliff-hangers. We can hardly wait until tomorrow night.

Bachelor In Paradise Episode 11 Recap | Tuesday April 30 “Bro’s Before The Rose”

Cass Woods’ and Richie Strahan’s sudden departure sent shockwaves through Paradise, but the surprise arrival of Elora Murger meant that Cass and Richie were quickly forgotten.

Elora, the girl known for lusting over Greek God Apollo arrived in Paradise for a re-do. Eager to get the party started in ‘ere, Elora had no qualms in telling everyone that she was here to play the game. Game on!

When Elora took Alex Nation aside for a chin wag, Alex was determined not to skip the Bill, and wasn’t too keen on a date with Elora. In the end, there was some serious déjà vu in Paradise, with Elora choosing Alex Nation for the date.

What better way to get close and personal than to play corners on jet boats in teeny bikinis, followed by a sunset cocktail? Getting her flirt on, Elora lay her heart out on the table, explaining she’s always had a bit of a thing for Alex.

Just when we thought they were going to exchange saliva, Alex resisted, stating that it wasn’t the right time. Elora understood, timing was her worst enemy in Paradise, and one she was all too familiar with. Alas, it was not meant to be.

Back in Paradise the sun was setting, love was in the air and kisses were being handed out like, well, free kisses. Everyone except Connor O’Brochta and Shannon Buff, who were having a biff about Buff opening up.

In quest of a rose, Elora took Nathan aside for some floral flanter. The flirting was strictly one way only. Eager to get back to Tenille Favios, Nathan was shielding himself from any kind words and compliments thrown, by awkwardly sitting there, eyes darting around the room and saying very little.

Mack Reid was miffed again when Alisha Aitken-Radburn and Jules Bourne headed off on a date. Enjoying a high tea in the sea, Alisha ensured her knife touched the bottom when cutting a cake, giving her an excuse to kiss the closest boy.

Seizing the opportunity of some one-on-one time, Alisha asked Jules where they were at. In true Jules fashion, his explanation of moving forward under an “umbrella of ambiguity” was trés confusing, and also hurt her a little.

Sensing she wouldn’t receive a rose, Elora saw a window of opportunity when she heard Connor and Shannon were on the rocks.  However, Connor shut that window quickly. The rocks they were on, were really close to the tropical Fijian shore. He wasn’t totally giving up just yet.

Shannon explained to Connor that she was falling hard for him, and it scared her. Sealed with a kiss, they agreed that they’re better together and appeared to have made it back to solid ground.

Hitting the panic button, Elora shifted her focus to Mack. She wanted to find love and she needed his rose. Mack explained that his rose belonged to someone else, and his rose was with Zoe O’Brien.

At the rose ceremony, Connor called Shannon’s name. However, in a turn of events, instead of giving her a rose for Paradise, he asked if she would accept the rose and flee Paradise with him, so they could give their relationship a shot IRL. She accepted, and they ran off into the sunset together.

On leaving Connor said: “When it comes to Shannon, I am 100 percent all in. It’s definitely going to be difficult, being half way around the world is a little bit more intense but Shannon is definitely worth it.”

With one rose yet to be handed out, there was still hope for Elora. Moral Mack was true to his word and gave his rose to Zoe. This meant it was time to say good bye to an evanescent Elora.

On leaving Elora said: “I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone to talk to everybody and gave it my best shot. I don’t think there is one man in there that would have worked out for me.”

Bachelor In Paradise Episode 9 Recap | Sunday April 28 “Fights, Friend Zoning And Four Favourites Farewell Paradise”

Someone dial up Judge Judy and Dr Phil, because there is some major disorder in Paradise.

Look we’re not just trying to spruik up other 10 programming, but tonight’s explosive episode of Bachelor In Paradise had more drama then a scene from Bold and The Beautiful.

In this island soap opera, Caroline Lunny and Cass Wood were desperate for a snog from partners Richie Strahan and American Alex, Ivan Krslovic, Nathan Favro and Tenille Favios found themselves in the world’s most awks love triangle, Davey Lloyd descended onto Paradise with a game plan to woo Florence Alexandra and oh-em-gee, four of your favourites farewelled Fiji. 

While love sick puppy Ivan was still drooling over his unrequited love interest Tenille, Davey arrived back into Paradise to find out that Flo was on a date. To his pleasant surprise, the blonde bombshell arrived back onto the island less than impressed with her date with Canadian Daniel.

While having a chin wag with Ivan, Alisha mentioned a romantic exchange between Nathan and Tenille which had him seeing red. Ivan later chatted with Nathan, who tried to explain that his possessive behaviour wasn’t appropriate, but Ivan wouldn’t have a bar of it.

Zoe O’Brien found a cryptic note in her bungalow which saw her on a treasure hunt to find…Mack Reid. She appreciated the effort, but it became clear quite quickly that they were better off as friends.

Ivan asked Bill Goldsmith to help tee him up a chat with Tenille, where he asked her to stay away from Alex Nation, Bill and Nathan, which she didn’t feel comfortable with.

Caroline found a date card with Tenille’s name on it. Throwing caution to the wind and completely disregarding Ivan’s request, Tenille chose Nathan to spend some quality time together.

Later at the cocktail party, Tenille and Nathan entered Paradise with some major smiles on their dials. 

In a desperate attempt to scramble for a rose, Ivan cut in on American Alex and took Caroline aside for a chat.

In a scene more cringe then the chocolate bath fiasco of 2016, Ivan asked if they could explore things and if he could kiss her. She adequately replied, “If you have to ask then now is not the right time”.

Canadian Daniel and Mack both scrambled for a rose with Zoe in their sights. In an effort to be completely honest, Zoe spoke with Mack and said that while he is a beautiful person, she doesn’t want him to put all his eggs in one basket.

Richie took Cass aside to explain that he was cautious coming into Paradise and while Cass had in no way let him down, factors like living in different cities were too much for him to handle. He wanted to do what was best for them both and decided to leave Paradise.

Alex then spoke with Cass and explained that she went through the same thing with Richie. She explained that whilst he is a good person, he is lost and would have been genuinely scared of hurting her.

Osher opened the rose ceremony by announcing that Cass had chosen to leave.

In the end, it was down to Zoe to decide who stayed and with tears in her eyes she chose Mack, meaning we said goodbye to Ivan and Daniel.

Bachelor In Paradise Episode 9 Recap | Thursday April 25 “Rebounds, Rejections And Returning Bachelors”

It’s official! Jules Bourne has checked out of his five-star villa and taken up temporary residence in the dog house. Woof!

After last night’s nail-biting rose ceremony, Alisha Aitken-Radburn started to question whether she had made the right decision in giving her rose to Jules and sending home Wes Ford.

Zoe O’Brien was still unsure if Nathan Favro liked her, Tenille Favios was feeling overwhelmed by Ivan Krslovic and Florence Alexandra was hoping a new arrival would help with her current love rut.

Cue Canadian Daniel. A Bachelor in Paradise seasoned veteran, Daniel was hoping to come in, not throw all his eggs in one basket and shake things up a bit.

With a date card in hand, everyone was quick to remember his antics from last year and were less than impressed. Alisha on the other hand was in full rebound mode and happy for any distraction. She also found him abs-olutely stunning.

With Tenille not on the date, Ivan took the chance to check in with her. She was frustrated to hear that Ivan had warned Daniel off and asked him to cool things a bit. He chose to ignore her request by kissing her on the forehead.

On their date, Alisha and Daniel had to build a raft and there was plenty of sexual innuendo around the wood.

Arriving back in Paradise with Daniel, Alisha was eager for Jules to see her with someone else.

Zoe took Nathan aside to get some clarity on where they were at and was disappointed that the rumours she had heard from others were true. Agitated that he hadn’t come to her first, Zoe broke down in tears.

Jules pulled Alisha aside for a mini date that he had prepared to reignite the spark. Alisha appreciated the effort but wondered if 2004 pop sensation JoJo was right and it was “just too little too late”.

The next day saw Alisha feeling like Stella with her groove back. Tenille was feeling stressed out and Nathan found a date card with Daniel’s name on it. Ivan was sure he would pick Tenille but it was Flo.

Tenille found Ivan’s over the top reaction to her not being chosen too much and took him aside to set things straight. She said that while she enjoyed spending time with him, it had all happened so quickly and that it was time to call things off.

Ivan eventually walked off and the girls showed Tenille support over the way she ended things. Ivan was visibly upset and after a few tears he asked Bill for support.

Osher arrived to let everyone know Davey Lloyd was on his way back to Paradise, which turned the rose power in favour of the girls again.

Bachelor In Paradise Episode 8 Recap | Wednesday April 24 “Layoffs, Lap Dances And Fresh Lads.”

Tonight’s episode of Bachelor In Paradise was so intense that we have officially fallen off the couch. We have all become excessive nail-biters and Ivan Krslovic has officially taken his stage five clinging to the next level. THE NEXT LEVEL.

After Jules Bourne expressed his interest in getting to know Tenille Favios, Ivan took the time to dance out his frustration and Jules asked Alisha Aitken-Radburn for a “chat”, which translated to Jules breaking up with her.

We all know the best way to get over a guy is to get under another. So, with the arrival of two new bachelors Wes Ford and Mack Reid (both from Sophie Monk’s season of The Bachelorette Australia), Alisha was quick to strike up a conversation with Wes.

A new date card for Nathan Favro saw his chance to finally take Tenille away, however Ivan made it very clear taking Tenille wouldn’t be a good idea. In last-minute panic mode, Nathan chose Shannon Baff, much to her and everyone’s surprise.

When Jules asked for some time with Tenille, Ivan saw red. His possessive and territorial nature was starting to veer its’ not-so-attractive head.

Jules started confessing his undying love to Tenille and while she was flattered, she wasn’t interested in pursuing anything with him romantically.

On their return, Ivan decided to step things up a notch (or 1000) by giving Tenille a lap dance. Ginuwine called…and he wants his moves back. 

The arrival of Osher saw a surprise announcement that the rose ceremony would be tonight. With the women holding the power, the bachelors without a connection needed to put in some groundwork.

Alisha was determined not to give her rose to Jules. Realising that this may be his last night in Paradise, Jules was feeling somber but made a last-ditch attempt with Alisha.

Alisha tried to be strong, she wanted to give herself the chance to find the love she is looking for and expressed that to Jules.

As the rose ceremony started, Jules asked Osher if he could have one moment with Alisha.

He took her aside and said that regardless of what he had done over the last few days, there was still something between them and he wanted them to use Paradise to explore that further.

Having to battle between her head and her heart, Alisha had a lot to think about.

With the last rose to be handed out, Alisha was struggling.

In the end, she chose to follow her heart giving her rose to Jules and sending Wes on his way back home.

Bachelor In Paradise Episode 7 Recap | Tuesday April 23 “Tears, Turmoil And Trouble In Paradise”

It’s the morning after the rose ceremony and there are still plenty of tears, turmoil and trouble in Paradise.

Fiery Florence Alexandra was adamant that Bill Goldsmith had begged her to stay the night during their overnight date. Bill on the other hand, was persistent he did not go with the Flo, nor did he want to go with the Flo. He then proceeded to call Flo malicious, jealous, out to get him and a liar.

People were screaming and tears were flo-wing. It was utter madness.

And then Zoe O’Brien dropped the coconut that Bill had arranged for Flo to receive a rose so he could explore his feelings for her.

Wanting to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth, Alex stormed up to Bill and Nathan Favro.

Just when Alex was about to say adios to Paradise, resident cupid Osher shot over a date card for her and Bill.

At this point, Cass Wood and Richie Strahan still hadn’t locked lips. When demonstrating to Alisha Aitken-Radburn how close they had gotten to kissing, Alisha decided it was time to plant one on Cass, making it her first pash in paradise. Ooh la la.

Just when paradise was turning into a bit of a sausage fest, Caroline Lunny from Ari’s season of The American Bachelor came bursting into Paradise with a date card. Nearly instantly she headed off with Richie for a lesson in Aussie slang. Bloody Oath!

Some time away from Paradise gave Bill and Alex the opportunity to lay all their feelings out on the table. Wordsmith Goldsmith Bill revealed that he could see himself falling in love with Alex. This four-letter word may have won Alex over, but Bill was not totally off the hook yet.

Jules Bourne’s feelings were too hot and cold for Alisha to handle.  He was lusting over Tenille Favios, but also keeping Alisha at an arm’s length.

Tenille on the other arm, was having a gay old time with Ivan Krslovic, however he was coming on a bit too strong.

Ivan couldn’t hold back his anger when, later in the evening, Tenille started playing an innocent game with American Alex.

Ivan then surprised Tenille in her room when she came out of the bathroom. Shocked, she took the opportunity to explain that things needed to slow down, but her chat seemed lost on him and he kept up the intensity.

When Richie returned, he was quick to reassure Cass that he had been thinking about her all day.

As the sun was setting, Jules’ inner turmoil continued, and he finally got a chance to tell Tenille how he felt about her. He thought it went well!

Alisha however, was left heartbroken and contemplating whether to say bye to Jules and Paradise.

Tomorrow night, Paradise welcomes back West Australian surfie Mack for his third stab at love and fresh from Ali’s season ofThe Bachelorette, Queensland hottie, Wes makes his entrance.

Bachelor In Paradise Episode 6 Recap | Thursday April 18 “Break-Ups, Bombshells And Brand-New Bachelorettes”

High Ropes And Even Higher Hopes.

Paradise was calm… suspiciously calm after last night’s rose ceremony.

Osher appeared announced a battle for the bachies, splitting the entire camp into two teams.

Alex Bordyukov was gutted that he wasn’t with Brooke Blurton. Again! She was teamed with his biggest competition on the island Alex Nation and Nathan Favro.

In Paradise anything can happen and with a group date up for grabs, sabotage and dirty tactics soon arose.

While no red or yellow cards were served, ref. Osher was there to ensure that the result was fair. Richie Strahan’s team took home the prize, some couch surfing shenanigans across the Pacific Ocean.

Alex and Brooke were ready to get their flirt on, but Nathan carefully positioned himself in between the girls, making himself a fine Brooke Nation sandwich.

Nathan pulled Brooke aside to try to understand where he stood. Nathan knew he was complicating things for her and felt it was time that he’d give this love square one less corner.

Shannon asked Osher if she could bring Davey back. Given Osher isn’t a love genie, he couldn’t grant Shannon her wish but did give her some food for thought.

Zoe O’Brien, the girl with the winning curls from Blake Garvey’s season of The Bachelor arrived excited to find out what Paradise may bring.

While Jules, American Alex and Bill thought she was an absolute babe, they made it clear that they were already taken.

When the couch surfers returned from the high seas, Nathan and Ivan Krslovic were pleasantly surprised with the new and bubbly addition to Paradise.

Shannon laid her cards out on the table with Connor Obrochta, she wanted to explore Paradise. Knowing that he was no longer tied down, he accepted Zoe’s invitation for a date.

Zoe and Connor headed on a high ropes escapade and after some flirting they settled down for a chance to get to know each other. Love was in the air for Zoe, however these feelings became awkward when Connor admitted he had Shannon on his mind.

Back in Paradise, Jules Bourne and Alisha Aitken-Radburn put on their best party shirts to explore if they could be made of boyfriend/girlfriend material.

Finally, Rachael saw an opportunity to try to woo ‘her Bachelor’ by stealing Richie away and treating him to a candlelit beach dinner. She preceded to tell him how serious she was about him.

Wondering whether Rachael had lost her coconuts, Richie thought it was as clear as white rum that he had no intention of rekindling a romance.

Tonight’s explosive episode of Bachelor In Paradisemade an episode of Jerry Springer look like 7thHeaven.

There were tears and tantrums, break-ups and shake-ups, walk-outs, infidelity and some serious personal space invasion from resident hip-thruster Ivan Krslovic.

Crafty Bachie producers plucked Bill Goldsmith from Paradise and onto a catamaran to greet fiery Dutch beauty, and Bachelor In Paradise veteran Florence Alexandra.

After plenty of flirtation and saliva swapping, their boat date ended with a saucy spa session.

With the chance to stay overnight, Florence asked Bill if there would be anyone back in Paradise waiting up for him. He brushed the comment aside and chose not to mention Alex. Bill…you sly fox. 

Not wanting to string Brooke Blurton on any longer, Alex Nation told Brooke her feelings had surpassed and she was fully focused on Bill. 

Richie Strahan and Cass Wood continued spending time together much to the annoyance of Rachael Gouvignon. After watching the pair frolic on a paddleboard together, an aggravated Rachael confronted Cass about her outward disregard for her feelings.

Frustrated by all the drama, Richie finally took an emotional Rachael aside to set the record straight on his feelings. Safe to say, she did not take it well.

Brittney Weldon was frustrated that Ivan had dropped her like a hot potato and felt that with the boys having the power at the next rose ceremony, if a new girl walked in, she would be gone.

Cue the arrival of Tenille Favios from Nick Cummins season of The Bachelor Australia. The brunette bombshell set tongues wagging and Ivan, Nathan Favro and Jules Bourne looked on like three dogs in front of a rotisserie chicken.

Brooke took Alex Nation aside and explained that she had decided to leave Paradise.

Paradise’s seemingly perfect couple had a debrief on the hammock together and Jules expressed that if a date card came along, he would take Tenille.

The news crushed Alisha who made it very clear that she was only interested in Jules. Realising that he had hurt Alisha’s feelings, Jules started to cry.

As Bill and Florence walked into Paradise hand-in-hand, Alex was left feeling confused.

When she took Bill aside for a chat, he initially spoke about their time together in past tense. When Alex pulled him up about it, he apologised and said it was an oversight, but Alex felt he had already written their relationship off.

Flo decided to take matters into her own hands and chat with Alex to get the facts. Both women were left unhappy after finding out that Bill had woken up next to Alex on the morning of his date and had asked Flo to stay with him later that night.

At tonight’s rose ceremony we said goodbye to Rachael and Brittney. Brittney chose to tell Ivan that he had disrespected her and walked away satisfied that she had the chance to say it to him.

Later, Alex confronted Bill on what he had said to Flo, and the man was furious.

Are you ready for more tea on Tuesday? BYO gloves because we guarantee this pot is scorching.