El Rowland and Lee Carseldine Catch Up

El Rowland and Lee Carseldine Catch Up

Ryan catches up with Australian Survivor 2016 power couple Lee and El to talk about what they have been up to this past year and we look back at Australian Survivor.


00:00 – Podcast Introduction

4:00 – What’s going on in Lee and El’s life.

15:20 – Australian Survivor (Champions v Contenders)

17:40 – Aussie Ghost Island

19:10 – Online trolling and fan recognition – Blog

23:40 – The social game.

33:40 – Sam and Mark comparison

37:10 – Travelee Adventure

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Australian Survivor Tweaks Focus Group

Australian Survivor 2016 was a smashing success returning to Australian screens for the first time in a decade. Unlike past attempts, TENs version produced by Endemol Shine had many successes.

The Australian Survivor Community has come together to suggest small tweaks that could be made to the 2017 season to make it even better.

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Questions Answered on the Podcast!

Brandon Torr Why does it have to be 24 people every time?

Jason Hufana 55 days again?

Xavier John Marooning. Jayden Osborne – Ship marooning.



Lily Harper I’m not sure if it is too early but maybe starting with a tribe gimmick i.e BBB, Race Wars, One World etc.

William Sandwell I think 4 tribes of 6 might be interesting if they’re sticking with 24. 6 person tribes have a good history of being interesting in the US version. Also think they need a final 3, puts too much emphasis on the final challenge to do a final 2 and challenges are only a small part of survivor


Shane Bowditch-Montoya Call a spade a spade.. And by that I mean a tribe swap a tribe swap and a merge a merge…

Maddie M. Irwin I think I speak for everyone when I say no tribe to pick their own members 😂

Troy Briones completely random tribe swaps. (Ricky Chamberlain) and a tribe swap from 2 tribes to three back to two to mix relations


Caitlin Harris No tribals where no-one goes home. I didn’t *hate* the swap that happened at tribal last season, but the stakes need to be real – “see you at tribal, where someone WILL be voted out” .

Shane Bowditch-Montoya Give Jonathan more free reign. It seemed like he was told he must expose certain information. By his own admission on twitter too. Let him explore at the tribals, but no set rules for what must come out. Negotiating the host is part of the game.

Jamie Samson Also never been done before. Redemption Island (Blood vs Water style) until the merge then kick it old school for the rest…. that’ll fill your episodes!


Adrian Watkins More hidden immunity idols to mix things up a bit and avoid majority dominance …it seems like its always on people’s minds in US survivor. Adds a lot of drama.

Luke Scott I’m a big fan of the idea of a powerless idol. It relies on the player’s ability to leverage it to their advantage.

Fiona Bullen I like the idols hidden at the challenge or at camp. The idol where you need to join two together.


Alice Barelli I really like the idea of exile with such a large cast before they merge to one tribe- if every tribe had to send one person per reward challenge I think a) allows castaways to bond with and form alliances with new castaways b) the drama from who misses reward from the winning tribe/s. I want to see the castaways stuck at the bottom of a tribe given the chance to build their game. I also think there’s a chance of exile alliance just like Tocantins.

Mark Eatock I know this is going to be very unpopular with some people….. but what about intruders???

You could work them in in a number of ways, but I think if you did it right it could be a massive swing vote addition.

Mitch Harwood Also controversial suggestion: have an early merge (yes I mean real merge) at top 16-17, then ‘unmerge’ back into 2 tribes after 1 or 2 tribals, merging again properly at top 13. That could get interesting!

& Please make it a final 3! So much better than a final 2. Takes much more strategy to set up an ideal final 3 for yourself, and a final 2 puts too much emphasis on challenge performance.

Also considering 20 player US seasons tend to have the top 13 in the jury phase, having only 11/24 make the jury phase for us is a bit of a cop out.


Dylan Watkins Id like to see some disgusting food eating challenges.

James Foster Have a survivor trivia quiz challenge.

Shane Bowditch-Montoya More challenge variety. It was too consistent, and there were a couple of not so great choices. Like the block the cage and then break through. Not with three tribes!

And some were way too similar in concept. Some obstacle, puzzle at the end. Repeat next episode.


Matt Tarrant – Merge Feast, and not combined with auction

Bri Rudge Family visits at final 5-6ish & as a reward not at the challenge!

Riley Kruger Don’t screw your editors over by changing up the airing schedule on them. Besides that, use twists more sparingly and if you’re going to meddle with how the game is playing out do it sooner rather than later.


Adam Rida – Amount of Episodes!

James Foster Showing everything that happened if it’s going to be part of the show. The episode where Kristie, Flick and Matt go to reward challenge (which was the whole focus of the episode – who is going to get to go?) and then the next episode starts and that whole reward was skipped over and summarised in the Previously on Survivor… I thought I missed a whole episode! But no, editing decided we didn’t need to see it for some reason, despite making us think Flick, Matt and Kristie were going to now be aligned because of it? 🤔

Lynda Olson Live finale and reunion. Wishful thinking? (Caitlin Harris)


Episodes per week/schedule

Emma Bowd They need to allow more open and rapid access to the contestants after they are booted. It’s great what Ryan and others have achieved but it would of been better if they could do interviews straight away!

Ryan V D Brink I’ve also been a strong advocate of JLP doing a Probst esq, PRE GAME Cast Assessment. I love them. Even getting the media to do better pre-game interviews. Luke Dennehy from News Limited was fine, but there was not a lot of good social content. I could do better blindfolded and one arm tied behind my back. I’m happy to accept the challenge. I know they, TEN have/will have a new SOCIAL person this year.

Joseph Philip Sportbets should be permanently banished to Redemption Island (or Nauru). Their gambling odds on the player spoilt all the fun. Sportbets knew it all along who won Sole Survivor.

Players on Social.

Aden Abeleda More pregame content!!!

Ryan V D Brink Also less cheese platters and stock footage candles of Jury Villa and more Snakes and game/jury strategy. It was not great last year. At all. #BeingHonest.


Bri Rudge None of that mateship/loyalty crap 😂 (obviously production can’t tweak that except by casting but I want to see more backstabbing)

Mark McDonald More contestants in the 35-50 age group. There were too many young contestants without anything really to play for who therefore weren’t as cutthroat

James Foster Casting people who have seen more than half an episode of the show!

Vince Schwoyxer Cast players that are there to play. Too many sheep last season that makes the post merge a snooze party.


Sue Clarke – Australian Survivor Player Interview

Photo Source: www.heraldsun.com.au
Photo Source: http://www.heraldsun.com.au

Sue Clarke: Australian Survivor Interview

2016 Position: 9/24

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